Life Milestones – Summer 2023


Lucy Laura Anthony, daughter of Nancy and Joseph Anthony, on March 12.

Alice Lily Danielle Ryan, daughter of Jennifer and Jake Ryan, on March 12. 

Colby Starner Shull, son of Art and Lindsay Shull, on May 7.

Madison Olivia Boisvert, daughter of Stephanie and Todd Boisvert, on May 14.


Lux Rose McGinley, born on March 13, to Shea and Andrew McGinley. The proud DPC great-grandparents are Miriam and John Rush.

Nickolas Thomas Bonetta, born on March 29, to Jean and Brian Bonetta. The proud DPC grandparents are Sue and Tom Haldeman.

Reese Kathryn Dacey, born on April 5, to Emsley and Bryan Dacey. The proud DPC grandparents are Lori and John Willingham.

Anderson Arthur Ronksley, born on April 15, to Abby and Aaron Ronksley. The proud DPC grandparents are Carol and Buz Plesser.

Pratt James Murray, born on April 15, to Rachel and Kurt Murray. The proud DPC grandparents are Anne and Bob Murray.

Zoey Gloria Theodosopoulos, born on April 22, to Leslie and Angelo Theodosopoulos. The proud DPC grandparents are Sherri and Greg Hoynak.

Michael Stephen Hutchings, born April 25, to Maggie Michael and Stephen Hutchings. The proud DPC grandmother is Eileen Telly.

Matthew Rustin Fisher, born on May 15, to Kristan Haberkern and Matthew Fisher. The proud DPC grandparents are Kate and Geoff Fisher.

Naomi Jordan Novak, born on May 17, to Erin and Christopher Novak. The proud DPC grandparents are Kathy and David McQuate.

William Graham Woodall Jr., born on May 27, to Mandy and William Woodall. The proud DPC great-grandparents are Dee Ann and Marvin Woodall.


Mary Letvenko on March 5.

Barbara Bleier, mother of Kathy McQuate, on March 16.

Cecelia Kukuchka, sister of Chris Crooke and Luray Gross, on March 21.

Hal Taylor on March 28.

Ed Redfield, husband of Norma Redfield, on March 28.

Lou Zoppel on April 8.

Michael Foran, husband of Paula Foran, on April 15.

Tom Dietterich, husband of Marne Dietterich, on April 22.

Carol Swanson Hooper, mother of Lauren Knapp, on May 2.

John Smythe, husband of Julia Smythe, on May 13.

Joan Barth, mother of Trish Tatar, on May 14.

Ron Feigles, husband of Joy Feigles, on May 31.

Jean Tromoga, sister of Frank Fabian, on June 4.


Victoria Elizabeth Nesbitt and Branten Jacob Page on June 3.