Life Milestones


Cody Wade Craig, son of Jonathan and Megan Craig, on December 22, the proud DPC grandparents are Cameron and Susan Craig and Rick Lamb.


Arthur Matthew Johnson, son of Sibele and Ken Johnson, on December 12.

Everleigh Mackenzie Walsh, daughter of Ally and Mike Walsh, on December 12.

Cody Wade Craig, son of Megan and Jonathan Craig, on January 9.

Leah Renee Mullin, daughter of Lauren Faust and Will Mullin, on January 9.


Gabriel Parrish Ward, born on December 9, to Julia and Chad Ward, the proud DPC grandparents are Larry and Fredda Lake.

Raegan Hill Shaw, born on January 2, to Stephen and Katie Shaw, the proud DPC grandparents are Dave and Sharon Shaw and Craig Sutton and Sue Sutton.

Bodhi Hugh Brown, born on January 5, to Palmer and Laura Brown, the proud DPC grandparents are Flav and Kathy Brown.

Oliver Thornton Vandersall, born on February 10, to Matthew and Toby Vandersall, the proud DPC grandparents are Mark Vandersall and Laura Mendelson.


John Edwards Belding, father of Jay Belding, on December 1.

Marian Krause, mother of Cheryl Osgood, on December 5.

Patricia Murphy on December 19.

Mona Schwer, mother of Laurie Segelken, on January 10.

Mary Aspden, wife of Bill Aspden, on January 11.

Ryan Telly, step-son of Eileen Telly, on January 11.

Linda Felt, wife of Lee Felt, on January 14.

Susan Cipollo, wife of Lou Cipollo and sister of Rosanne Dignetti, on January 15.

Johanna Hoynak, mother of Greg Hoynak, on February 1.

Grace Riley, mother of Glenda Childs, on February 11.

Derek Gearhart, husband of Leslie Gearhart, on February 12.

Dick Roberts, husband of Carol Roberts, on February 13.