Juneteenth in Doylestown

Doylestown’s Juneteenth Celebration. On June 15, DPC will be hosting an interactive activity focused on recalling your own family’s relationship with food and how recipes can be passed on through the generations on the Mercer Museum lawn.

This event commemorates the anniversary of June 19, 1865, when the last enslaved people in the United States learned that they had been freed. We will celebrate this occasion with speakers, live performances, musicians, a DJ, food trucks, vendors and artisans, family-friendly crafts and activities, and free admission to the Mercer Museum.

We invite you to come and experience all the event has to offer for all ages as we continue our Matthew 25 journey as a congregation.  There’s also the opportunity to help setup and to volunteer to help at DPC’s booth – which is fun and easy. You’ll receive easy instructions when you arrive and short shifts are available at different times during the day. Those who are interested can sign up HERE.