DPC Reunion Concert!


Sunday, March 19 at 4 pm

DPC “Reunion Concert”  

On this day we are excited to welcome back four former Music Directors – Bev Fulgham, Mark Helms, David Fitzpatrick, Tim Harrell and Ruth Sauter – who will join Organist Dr. Mina Choi and Director of Music and the Arts Jason Moore in offering this delightful program that allows us to reminisce and rejoice.

A light dessert reception will be offered following the concert so that our audience may join DPC’s ensemble musicians in sharing memories with the guest conductors.

“I’m thrilled to have this opportunity to work with some of the many talented people who have shepherded DPC’s Music Ministry in the past,” added Director of Music and the Arts Jason Moore. “The concert will stand as a tribute to the long history of this ministry and to the many dedicated members, past and present, who give it life. Our time together will serve not only as a celebration of our past but as a commitment to our future.”

If you or someone you know is a former member of DPC’s choir (youth or adult) or orchestra – we want to invite you to participate in this special event! If you have interest in being a part of this Celebrate the Arts event, please contact dpc@dtownpc.org