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sam2The Senior Adult Ministry is for, by, and with all senior adults who wish to enrich their lives and grow in faith through education and adventures, all the while enjoying the classic trio of food, fun and fellowship in Christ! All senior adults are encouraged to model a positive outlook and share their faith, knowledge, skills, talents and wisdom with the wider community and church and contribute ideas to help us support one another.

Adult Vacation Bible School - June 17 - 20, 9 to 11:30 am Celtic Cross Room

Old Ground, New Rules

A look at young people and the church today.

$20 for the week, $5 per day.  Reservations taken until Wednesday, June 12.  Be sure to join us to hear our guest speaker, Leah Miller, Pastor of Anchor Presbyterian Church, as we explore the characteristics of young people today and the implications for the church.  In addition, we will hear the faith stories of fellow DPC members.  Contact the Church Office: 215-348-3531


SAVE THE DATE:  SAM Fall Retreat - September 24 - 26

Crossroads for Christ: Decisions Made on our Faith Journey

Enjoy a time of spiritual renewal with fantastic sunsets, comfortable rooms with lots of activities!