DPC Children and Youth Update – Winter 2021

Just after the new year, DPC will begin offering two worship services, at 8:30 and 10:30 am, and a stand alone Sunday School time between. The teachers are so excited to welcome kids of all ages in what we’re calling “Faithful Families: Creating Sacred Moments.” We will have families cover a different topic each month – younger elementary kids in one room, older kids in another – and give you plenty to talk about together at home. We’ll explore themes including health and wellness, experiencing loss, praying as a family and bringing our favorite Bible stories to life. More details are coming soon!

So, why be a part of Sunday School?

For DPC members Chris and Kim Nardo, Children’s Sunday School is such an important part of this body of faith: “We feel that Sunday School has always been a cornerstone in the life of the church. It is an opportunity to help our children connect with other Christian children, and also with adults who value Jesus’ place in our lives. As teachers, we hope to support and equip families as they pursue Christ every day in their homes and in their communities.”

Amanda Owen, who is both a teacher and also had kids participate regularly said, “as a “newer” member to DPC, having just joined a few months before our COVID shutdown, I must say I am so excited to feel NORMAL in the New Year! Church School is a perfect way to meet new friends and connect with the old friends as DPC gets back to a wonderful Sunday schedule with two worship services. I hope to see you there!

Club 456 and Youth Group have plenty of activities planned for December, including Christmas Parties! We are gearing up for our awesome Christmas parties for Club 456 on Wednesday, December 15 at 5:30 pm and Youth Group on Sunday, December 19 at 6:30 pm. Wear your best/worst Christmas sweater and be ready for some festive fun! Click here to check out our Tween + Teen page!

Christmas Eve Casting Call! Kids grades 3-9th are invited to be a part of the children’s nativity pageant cast as part of the Family Christmas Eve service. This is a 1 rehearsal, no need to memorize your lines, come have fun pageant!


  1. Email Pastor Becca, Becca@dtownpc.org
  2. Choose some characters you would like to portray
  3. Come to rehearsal Friday, December 17, 3:30 – 5:30 pm
  4. Save the date of Friday, December 24 and come at 2:30 pm to bring the wonder of the pageant in worship!

We invite children of all ages to come to the service at 3:00 to receive a shepherd costume or an angel costume to participate in the service. 

“Thank You,” Carrie! Would you join in this month in saying loud and many times, “thank you” to Carrie Biermann for her time with us as Interim Director of Tweens and Teens here at DPC? She has led us through a season of uncertainty as we learned to be the church beyond the walls of the church through this pandemic. She concludes her time with us at the end of December. A search team tasked with finding the next person to fill this role has been formed and includes Pastor Becca Bateman, Damian Ford, Kelly Huggins, Bill Mullin, Caroline Roland, and Andy Smith.

As we look back on Carrie’s contributions, Becca has offered this prayer:

Prayer for a Turning Point

Adapted from Prayer for a Turning Point from Ordinary Blessings: Prayers, Poems, and Meditations for Everyday Life by Meta Herrick Carlson

“Sometimes we are pulled into something new

Before we trust that what has been is already accomplished. 

If these walls could talk.

They have felt your sweat and heard your cries. 

This is where you tried and failed and found hope again. 

This is where you collected yourself and fought for boundaries grace, and fresh hope. 

This is liminal space,

your art and photographs stacked against the wall, your shelves laid bare like you once found them. It has been hard and good to love people, to answer the call in this particular place. 

Through COVID you long felt like a visitor, 

it is now clear that you belonged.

They have been well loved by your words and presence.”