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Join us for any class, any week, as we put all of the puzzle pieces together with others on the same faith journey –  there is no long-term commitment required. Scroll down to see all we offer!


Lenten Special Offerings – 9:30 to 10:15 am in the Celtic Cross Room

Lenten Rules of the Road (One-time class – Sunday February 18)

Each year during Lent, we are reminded to prepare ourselves through self-reflection and discipline. Lent isn’t about “giving something up” but doing something to grow in our faith and love of God. Dr. Kort will guide the class discussion on how to prepare spiritually and practically for this six-week journey to Jerusalem.

Evidence for the Resurrection (One-time class – Sunday March 24)

While there is no proof for the resurrection of Jesus Christ, there is strong evidence to support the Biblical claim that Jesus was raised from the dead and forever changed the world. Join Dr. Kort as we examine and explore this event.

*Please note ongoing Sunday classes may shift their schedules on these dates

Bible Talk! Sundays, 9:30 am on Zoom and in-person, AH-120

Speakers will explore Scripture and will take a closer look at our understanding of Christ. BibleTalk features different speakers each week and each class is presented by a Christian professional or Bible scholar. This course will take place via Zoom beginning at 9:30 each Sunday with a hybrid class in AH-120. Coordinated by Tim Liebig.

This Week: Guest speaker Matt Hartwell brings us Part II of his focus on “Confronting true salvation. That you don’t need to wait to go to heaven to be free from sin.”

Matt is going to share straight from the Bible so everyone can see the truth. Why this is so important is because the gospel always produces freedom and transformation. And if your life isn’t transformed and you keep on sinning after you get saved then you are just doing religion and tradition. Then he will talk about the rapture and who would go and stay. How you have to be on fire and fully surrendered that Jesus is Lord and by His grace you can live just like Him in this world.

Also Matt would like to invite anyone who is sick, in pain or hurting, he’d like to lay hands and pray in person for every one of them.

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Meeting ID: 841 3877 4372 Passcode: 597255

Good News and the Other News Sundays, 9:30 am, Ruth I. Hughes Memorial Library (Classes will be on hiatus Jan. 14, 21, 28 as participants are encouraged to attend the Special Offerings in the Celtic Cross Room)

Current events are discussed while reflecting upon the story from the perspective of faith. All are welcome. This week: Recent studies have revealed that at least 25% of children in the United States decide to “divorce,” disown or distance themselves physically and/or emotionally from one or both of their parents during young adulthood. Shouldn’t children honor their mothers and fathers? Harsh!? Come join in the conversation as we discuss this topic. Led by Christo Claassens.

 Classes led by Christo Claassens, Jenny Danzis, Pauline Sexton, and Jay Stough.

The Word Among Us Sundays, 9:15 am, AH-213

Join us as we study and appreciate the beauty of Scripture and how we can use it in our own devotional times with God.

Led by Dick Cornelius and Margaret Thoresen.

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