College Age

Church Mouse Program

New or Returning Students in the Church Mouse program click here to answer a few quick questions

You are embarking on a new journey, but you are not alone, nor are you forgotten!

The Youth Ministry Committee sponsors this exciting program designed to keep our college students away from home, connected to our church. Students are assigned a “Church Mouse” volunteer who supports them by sending cards or small care packages throughout the academic year, and most importantly prays for them. Each Mouse follows their student for the duration of their college years. The Church Mice already paired with a student will remain anonymous until the end of the student’s time in college, while those initiating a connection this year will no longer hide their identity.

To our students:

Here’s how you can get connected with a Church Mouse. It’s so easy!

  1. Fill out the form by clicking here to provide some details about you and how to best connect with you. 
  2. You’ll be put into a small group text with 3 Church Mice and 3 college students to easily connect with one another once a month. 
  3. Twice a year we will reach out about keeping your contact info up to date so we can keep connected!

If you are interested in becoming a Mouse, please contact Lisa Haeflein at