Life Milestones – Tidings Summer 2022 Edition


Noah Filippo Di Clemente and Lillian Maria Di Clemente, children of Stephanie and Phil Di Clemente, on May 1.

Camilla Irene Lopez, daughter of Holly and Jaime Lopez, on May 1.


Grant Archer Quinn, born on March 16, to Spencer and Lindsay Quinn. The proud DPC grandparents are Craig and Nancy Myers.  

Easton James Smith, born on March 25, to Andy and Justine Smith. The proud DPC grandparents are Mary and Art L. Shull and Rich Smith.  

Nicholas Karabudak, born on April 6, to John and Kim Karabudak. The proud DPC grandparents are Nafiz and Hazelanne Karabudak.  

Benjamin Tyler Hobbs, born on April 23, to Katie and Tyler Hobbs. The proud DPC grandparents are Bev and Jeff Fulgham.

Charlotte Kathlyn Eberts, born on April 26, to Nick and Kathlyn Eberts. The proud DPC grandmother is Jill Eberts.

Camryn Jane Lang, born on May 9, to Gregory and Lindsey Lang. The proud DPC grandparents are Bill and Mary Beth Nicodemus and great-grandmother is Jane Nicodemus.

Lucy Laura Anthony, born June 3, to Joe and Nancy Anthony. The proud DPC grandparents are John and Linda Schumann.


Charlotte Kane on March 11.

Andrew Ochadlick, husband of Joanne Ochadlick and father of Andrea Moser on March 15.

Gerald Riley, father of Glenda Childs, on March 16.

Carole Liepin, on April 22.

Isabel Streeper on April 28.

Wis Silver on April 29.

John Tomlinson, husband of Juliette Tomlinson, on May 8.

Evelyn Delaney, on May 12.

Phyllis Linden, mother of Susan Nemzoff, on May 16.

Patricia Toole, mother of John Willingham, on May 17.

Dot Sterner on May 17.

Virginia Chagnon, mother of Pam Remmey, on May 19.

Lawrence Whyte, father of Mike Whyte, on May 20.

Deborah Hollenbach, daughter of Don and Pat Rider, on May 31.

Roy Shull, father of Arthur Shull and grandfather of Stephanie Di Clemente, Art Shull, and Justine Smith, on June 4.


Linda Raitt and Joe Monkoski on April 8.

Katherine Belding and Michael Gray on May 21.