Life Milestones – Spring 2023


Isla Juliet Quinn and Grant Archer Quinn, children of Lindsay and Spencer Quinn, on December 11.

Rex Robert Elliott, son of Kelly and Rob Elliott, on February 12.


Jude Robert Bird, born on September 7, to Heather and Corbin Bird. The proud DPC grandparent is Kristen Wittman.

Maeve and Liam Rowland, born on November 22, to William and Jubilee Rowland. The proud DPC grandparents are Donna and Charlie Rowland.

Alice Lily Danielle Ryan, born on November 27, to Jack and Jennifer Ryan. The proud DPC grandparents are John and Linda Schumann.

Madison Olivia Boisvert, born on December 31 to Todd and Stephanie Paradiso Boisvert. The proud DPC grandparents are Mike and Cheryl Paradiso.

Delilah Lorraine Hosey, born on January 26 to Jessie and Max Hosey. The proud DPC grandparents are Tom and Ann Petro.

Djuna Margo McGavick, born on February 7, to Jack and Sarah McGavick. The proud DPC grandparents are Kim Rainey and Scott Nichols.

Luciano Macfarline Darville, born on February 20, to James-devon and Sheryl Ann Darville. The proud DPC grandparents are David and Naomi Darville. The proud DPC great-grandmother is Miriam Montgomery.


Faith Atkinson, sister of Cindy Harris, on December 4.

Richard E. Fouse, who served as an Interim Pastor at DPC from 2000-2002, on December 21.

Bill Heine, on December 24. 

Louise Bartolett, wife of Charlie Bartolett, on January 14.

Norma Hockenjos, mother of Janet Roberto, on January 24.

Ruth Frankenfield, on January 29.

Ann Rainey, mother of Kim Rainey, on February 1.

James Paccioretti, on February 12.