Life Milestones – Fall 2023


Reese Kathryn Dacey, daughter of Emsley and Bryan Dacey, on June 18.


Isabelle Joy Colon, born on June 5, to Danielle and Steve Colon. The proud DPC grandparents are Karen and Jules Colon and Maura and Jim Duncan.

Robert John Brusco, born on June 12, to Jocelyn and Dan Brusco. The proud DPC grandparents are Bob and Anne Murray.

Mark Hallinger Remmey III, born on July 12, to Sarah and Mark Remmey. The proud DPC grandparents are Pam and Mark Remmey.

Cormac “Mac” Alexander Moore, born on July 14, to Allison and Michael Alexander “Sandy” Moore. The proud DPC grandparents are Peggy and Mike Moore.

Maisie Cassidy Eberts, born on August 9, to Tyler and Kim Eberts. The proud DPC grandmother is Jill Eberts.

Parker James DiPietro, born on August 17, to Emily and Andrew DiPietro. The proud DPC grandparents are Pam and Mark Strasburg.


Audrey McCrea on June 24.

Jack Blair, father of Ginny McGovern, on June 28.

Tom Bain, brother of Jeannie Quist, July 9.

Margie Torongo, sister of Frank Fabian, on July 16.

Jim Turner, father of Anne Payne and Clare Johnson, on July 27.

Ashley Baggett, sister of Mike Rush, on August 3.

Janice Funk, on August 11.

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