Life Milestones – Tidings Fall 2022 Edition


Benjamin Thanh-Binh Price, born on July 15, to Eric and Lilia Price. The proud DPC grandparents are Dwight and Janet Price.


Tara Gormley, mother of Brooke Gormley and Luke Gormley, on June 21.

Libby White, wife of Lou White, on June 30.

Letafet Karabudak, mother of Nafiz Karabudak, on July 17.

Marilyn Schulz, wife of Russ Schulz, on August 9.

Joe Ballantyne on August 11.

Corell Murray, mother of Bob Murray, on August 12.

Russell Parenti, brother of Dennis Parenti, on August 13.

Jim Corkran, husband of Enid Corkran, on August 16.

Sam Clark on August 17.

Paul Flack, husband of Rita Flack, on August 18.

Ernest Robinson, father of Cheryl Paradiso, on August 19.

Charlotte Walter on August 26.

Donald Beagell, Jr., father of Laurie Dau, on August 30.

Will Remphrey, father of Karen Cameron, on September 2.


Matthew Purdy and Brittany Kucsan on August 6.