DPC’s Home Help Corps is Here for You!

The caring and compassion of DPC members is so often on display. What is not so easy to come across are church members willing to ask for help themselves.

Case in point – the efforts of the Home Help Corps.

Since forming during the pandemic, this dedicated group of volunteers has been at the ready, willing to perform household tasks (large or small) or assist in any way (such as providing a ride to a doctor’s appointment). Finding volunteers has not been difficult as so many of you have been willing to lend support.

It’s finding members in need of help that has proved difficult!

In an effort to break down those barriers and show that it is perfectly OK to admit you could use a helping hand, two DPC members who recently received visits from the HHC offered to share thoughts about their experience.

“I had not heard of the Home Help Corps before, but after I fractured my femur, Linda Schumann called me,” said Kathy Posnett, a DPC member since 2013. “She was really nice and we had a great talk as she cleaned my bathroom. Normally I would never ask someone to help with that, but I could not do it myself! I was very appreciative.”

Though Linda Schumann organizes the effort, she is quick to deflect praise onto the others. “I am so grateful for all of our faithful volunteers! Without them, the Home Help Corps would never have been possible. Now there is an avenue for DPC members to get the help at home they need.”

Tana Wentzel and her husband James received meals from the Deacons following James’ surgery in January. They were informed then about the HHC.

“John Schumann came out and repaired a towel bar in the bathroom, which my husband used to steady himself. He also helped with a doorknob assembly,” Tana said. “He was quick and responsive and so friendly. He brought his own tools and was so amicable.”

The takeaway for Tana (aside from a new doorknob) was a realization that there is no shame in asking for help if you are in need.

“Don’t be afraid. Don’t be ashamed,” she added. “I am proud that our church is being progressive and offering this. I am a social worker and we hear many calls with similar requests. Our church is ahead of the curve.”

DPC member Jim Blore, who has given folks rides to doctors appointments as part of HHC, is hopeful that more people will raise their hand and ask for help.

“There is that reluctance because you don’t want to burden someone else or admit that you can’t do something by yourself. But that’s ok!” said Jim. “We’re all here for each other.”