Faith in Action Retreat – FAQ

Will we be having breakfast?

Yes! In fact, we will provide snacks and all 3 meals for you that day!!

Can I bring friends?

Of course!! Friends are always welcome.

Where do I get dropped off/picked up?

Drop off and pick up will be under the bridge on Mechanics Street. We will start our day in the Celtic Cross Room, which is in the main church sanctuary building on the the first floor. 

I have another commitment that day, can I come late/leave early/come and go?

Yes. While we really hope you can try and make the entire day, as we feel it’s a really meaningful use of your time, we absolutely understand that there may be some commitments you just can’t rearrange. If that is the case, just let Megan know ( what your schedule will be when you register so we can plan.

What will our service project be?

Right now, it depends on how many people register. So stay tuned for more details after Feb 4! (and please try and register by Feb 4 so we can make these essential plans!)

Who is “Messiah University’s Student Ministries” and will they be fun?

Well, to start, you can visit their website and take a look around, but the short answer is: They are an AMAZING group of college kids who love God and can make awesome music, and YES! They are very fun. Our very own, Mina Choi, is a Student Ministries Pastor at Messiah and oversees their Student Ministries. The group leading the day consists of about 7 college students of all years (some just freshman, some about to graduate). They plan to join us for our service project as well as lead all the games, small groups, and worship times. Their energy alone will be inspiring!

What will we be doing on March 4? That’s a really long day…

Our goal for March 4 is to provide a space for you and a bunch of your peers to be together, learning about your faith a little more, making music, and serving others through a service project. We haven’t really had a chance to do much of that for a few years, and we really hope you just come and have fun, make memories together, and learn a few things about God, the Bible, our community, and you that maybe you didn’t know before you arrived. 

What do I need to bring with me for the day?

Not too much, really. You are welcome to bring your cell phones, but we ask that they are silenced and put away during our worship and small group times, or any other time we ask they be put away. We also ask that you bring a positive attitude and an open mind. There will be new people and experiences that will be best faced if you come excited and open to trying/hearing new things. All other food and materials will be provided! Easy AND fun.

Do you need any help/volunteers for the day?

We would love a few helpers to help in the kitchen at various times during the day. We might also need a few drivers during our service project. If you know a grown up who could do either or both, reach out and let Megan know (!! Once we get a better idea of how many are going, we’ll know how much help we need.

What games are we playing?

We’ll see…maybe some Scatterball or some other fun games…