Books for Newborns

The DPC Library donates a new book in honor of each child born to or adopted by DPC families. The following books were donated in 2021:

January 19, 2021         Paloma Simone McGavick     Sarah and Jack McGavick

                                    A Place to Land

May 22, 2021              Brynne Frances Bucciarelli     Lindsey and Nick Bucciarelli

                                    I Love My New Toy

May 28, 2021              Ashton Antonio Paradiso        Tony and Stacy Paradiso

                                    The Easter Story

June 3, 2021                Evan Andrew Moser               Andrea and Tyler Moser

                                    Those Darn Squirrels

June 10, 2021              Jaxson Lee Dacey                   Emsley and Bryan Dacey

                                    One Good Deed

June 13, 2021              Evan Grace DiPietro               Emily and Andrew DiPietro

                                    I Can Pray with Jesus

June 17, 2021              Everleigh Mackenzie Walsh   Ally and Michael Walsh

                                    Make Room

August 8, 2021            Trace Lawrence Bonnetta      Brian and Jean Bonnetta

                                    Jamie O‚ÄôRourke and the Big Potato

August 16, 2021          Leah Renee Mullin                  Will and Lauren Faust Mullin

                                    Sing Alleluia

August 31, 2021          Aleksandra Rose Mamedov    Natalia and Vladimir Mamedov

                                    No One Else Like You

September 1, 2021      Declan Van Wagner                Amanda and Ryan Van Wagner

                                    The Colors of Us

September 1, 2021      Finley Van Wagner                 Amanda and Ryan Van Wagner

                                    One Big Heart

September 12, 2021    Lillian Maria DiClemente       Stephanie and Phil DiClemente

                                    Just Help

October 12, 2021        Vivian Rose Raitt                   Natalie and Stephen Raitt

                                    What in the World I Wrong with Gisbert?

October 12, 2021        Vivian Josephine Ciarlante     Eric and Crystal Ciarlante

                                    If You Take a Mouse to School

November 11, 2021    Jack Paradiso-Magrina            MJ Paradiso and Elena Magrina

                                    We Are Water Protectors

December 9, 2021       Gabriel Parrish Ward              Chad and Julia Ward

                                    Amelia Bedelia

Adopted December 23, 2021  Cody Wade Craig               Jonathan and Megan Craig

                                    Adoption Is Both