Beyond – Resources

Here you will find a variety of digital, print, and video content to help you follow God’s calling as you navigate you own personal generosity journey. Just click the links to view each item.

This two-page document includes an overview of the Beyond initiative, and explain all that may be possible for our body of faith when we think beyond. Inside, you’ll also learn how to quickly sign up for daily texts that will offer spiritual encouragement as we move through this journey together.

High, Low, and I Don’t Know: This Prayer Exercise helps us take stock of our blessings, find strength in tough times, and explore the unknown with trust in God. Click here to see how God Is Greater Than Our Ups and Downs.

Keep watch below for weekly videos that feature members of DPC offering insight into Scripture passages that can help us all shape our understanding of what it means to live a generous life and trust in God’s abundance.

In Week 1, we hear from DPC Youth Deacon Evan, who offers thoughts on the Old Testament story of Joseph. Evan then asks us all to lift up someone who we know that has left, or is leaving, their own legacy of generosity.

In Week 2, we hear from DPC Members Eric and Crystal Ciarlante, who have enjoyed getting involved with new programs at DPC as their young children develop friendships and grow in their faith. The couple reflects on the Old Testament story of Boaz and Ruth who find themselves unexpectedly in awe of God’s abundance. Eric and Crystal ask us: how might our own giving reflect this wonder?

Week 3 brings us a message from DPC’s Transitional Pastor Tom Kort who uses the lesson of the widow’s mite found in the Gospel of Mark which recounts how a poor widow gave all that she had to God with a grateful heart. Tom asks us to lift up someone who taught us to give with heart.

This week, DPC Elder Kim Keller reflects on Jesus’ description of the Kingdom of Heaven as one of joy, generosity and similar to a party – to which we are all invited. And the best way to experience God’s abundance is through sharing God’s creation with others. Kim asks us to consider “in what ways do my life choices reflect the abundance of God and how can I be an influence to others?”

This week, we hear from 50-year Members Dick and Judy Mumaugh who reflect on perhaps one of the most well known and influential stories of generosity – in Scripture and beyond – with Jesus’ telling of the actions of the Good Samaritan. Judy then asks us to consider “What giving experience caused you to feel closer to God?”