An Update from the Mission Study Task Group – January 5, 2023

DPC’s Mission Study Task Group, which was formed by Session as a first step in the process of calling a new Senior Pastor/Head of Staff, is already making progress. The group is tasked with creating a mission study that outlines our church’s past, present, and our vision for the future.

Throughout this process, the MSTG will be asking for feedback from the congregation. Plans for various ways how this will occur are still being formulated. In the video below, two MSTG members, Laura Polchan and Allen Childs, answer some frequently asked questions on behalf of the group, which also includes Andy Benson, Lola Cooley, Craig Garretson, Kim Keller (Moderator), and Kathy Maclin. Church members are invited to reach out to the group by emailing with “Mission Study Task Group” in the subject line.