We are excited to share with you another easing of pandemic-related restrictions for DPC. As local guidelines continue to ease, DPC’s Re-Opening Task Force has approved the following changes, but for Teens, grades 7-12:

  • Masks are now optional at indoor and outdoor events for grades 7-12. For family events, masks are optional/at personal comfort levels.

So… now what?

The coronavirus has created a new way of life for everyone. It has changed how we do, well, pretty much everything.

But you know what? That’s okay. Because God is bigger than the shifts and changes of life, and God doesn’t change. God’s love doesn’t change. God’s presence doesn’t change. God’s forgiveness doesn’t change. Though it might seem like everything else will, there’s no way to stop God’s unstoppable love for all of us.

So what should we do? Well, we connect with God and each other and the world, and do our very best to live like Jesus.

We are planning on hanging out, in-person, online, outside, and for a bunch of reasons, so we can build relationship with each other and with Jesus, and do our best to do what he did. Some of that will be:

  • Fellowship – hanging out, being derps, catching up with friends, and making new ones.
  • Faith – learning what the Bible ACTUALLY says, and asking all the hard questions, and finding out some of the answers we need that make life worthwhile.
  • Service – we all need help in life, so what’s the point, if we aren’t helping each other?  Let’s take care of each other and the people around us, and then be blessed when it ends up helping us back.
  • Growth – applying what we learn from hanging, studying, and doing to our actual daily lives. Relationship with God is supposed to be life-changing. So let’s let it change us!

This summer’s theme is a family Bible Basics Challenge (with prizes!) CLICK HERE for info, and the 2021-2022 Sept-May year’s theme will be Everyday Heroes, where we learn what it means to be daily disciples of Jesus. We’ll also have lots of fun pop-up events during the summer, like outdoor movies, beach days, capture the flag, and more. Plus, there will be lots of chances to help out – fund raisers and collaborations with local organizations help us stay grounded as we learn to live like Jesus every day.

If that sounds good to you, then come hang with us at DPC Youth. We’re here for you, and we love you too. So yeah, we want you here. You’re an amazing part of this world, and you have important things to learn, to share, to do and to be. DPC Youth won’t be as fully who we can be, without you.

Youth Leaders: Jenny Baker, Glenn Haas, Damian Ford, Hazelanne Karabudak, Art and Lindsay Shull, Andy and Justine Smith.

Below are some photos of our past gatherings: