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 Sing with Us! 

Join the Bucks County Ecumenical Choir


The Bucks County Ecumenical Choir was formed in 2014 to provide an opportunity for members of diverse faith communities to come together to perform sacred choral music with orchestra. Our first concert was a huge success with over 25 members from over 10 churches join us for our spring concert. We now have over 30 members in the Ecumenical Choir that join the DPC chancel choir to form a 90-voice massed choir.

This year’s concert:

Exubearant Praise:

Featuring exciting and uplifting Pslam and Hymn arrangements for choir and orchesetra inclduing

Te Deum and Psalm 149—Dvorak
Non Nobis Domine—Dan Forrest
O Clap Your Hand - Ralph Vaughan Williams
I was Glad When They Said Unto Me - Herbert Parry

Concert: Sunday, May 19 - 4:00
Dress Rehearsal: Saturday, May 18 - 8:30-12:30

First Rehearsal: Wednesday, January 10

CLICK HERE to Register for Bucks County Ecumeical Choir 

 Why Join?

  • Rehearsals are Wednesday Evenings 7:00—8:30 p.m.
  • Minimal time commitment (Jan. 10-May 19)
  • No previous singing experience required
  • No Audition or registration fee
  • No Sunday morning time commitment
  • Opportunity to perform sacred choral music with 90-voice chorus and full Orchestra
  • Opportunity to meet and make music with members of other faith backgrounds, and have a great time doing it

CLICK HERE to Register for Bucks County Ecumeical Choir