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PC(USA) missionaries serve Christ in 71 countries around the world

Our Mission Partners plant new churches, provide health care, work on public health issues, hold up human rights, preach, evangelize, host mission teams from the United States, and much more. Doylestown Presbyterian Church is blessed to support this partner, who is serving as the hands and feet of Christ in South America.


Jed Koball & Jenny Milagros, Peru

Missionaries Peru Meet Us! (Click Here)

Jed & Jenny are with Joining Hands, an initiative of the Presbyterian Hunger Program that works to address hunger's root causes in developing countries on a local level. They also work on global hunger issues with PC(USA) presbyteries and congregations. Jed and Jenny are with “Red Uniendo Manos Peru, ” the Helping Hands Network in Peru, which is made up of NGOs, like human rights groups and churches. The couple helps the network by carrying out its core program and serving as a connection between PC(USA) congregations and Uniendo Manos. To learn more about Jed and Jenny, read their latest update HERE!