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Sunday Classes

Adult Education Special Offerings

Internet Security and Safety Concerns

We will look at practical ways to prevent becoming a victim of cyber thieves, hackers and online extortionists. The second half of the series is dedicated to protecting our children and grandchildren from cyberbullying and how to be smart about apps.

  • January 7 - Be Cyber-Aware. Learn how to keep your online information safe.
  • January 14 - Cyber Security Threats. Understand and protect yourself from cyber security threats.
  • January 21 - Cyberbullying. Learn what it is and how it impacts young people and what steps to take to protect your child or grandchild.
  • January 28 - CyberSmart. Learn about social media and apps such as Instagram and Snapchat, what to be aware of regarding these and newer, less-common apps.

Led by Ann Petro, DPC member & Danielle Hudak, Network of Victim Assistance, AH-Room 213

Recognizing & Acknowledging Mental Health Concerns: Symptoms, Strategies, & Services

Join us for this 3-week class as we learn the difference between a mental health issue and a normal life stressor as well as addiction and suicide.  Bring your questions!

February 4 - Normal Life Stressors vs. Mental Health Issues. Learn how to identify mental health issues and when to seek professional help. Topics of anxiety, depression and psychosis and the difference between mental illness and intellectual disability will be discussed.

February 11 - Addiction and What to Do if Someone Is Suicidal. Learn the difference between substance abuse vs addiction, what leads people to and who may be at risk for suicide, effective treatments and how can you help.

February 18 - Service Options When in Crisis. Learn what is available for all ages, what happens when accessing crisis services, what ‘involuntary commitment’ means, and how the residential crisis center will serve Bucks County.

Led by Sharon Curran, Licensed Clinical Social Worker and COO at Lenape Valley Mental Health Foundation, and DPC member Mark Strasburg, AH-213


Sundays in AH-211

ilightiLIGHT is an ongoing class for individuals and couples navigating career and family. The class offers diverse topics and formats for a diverse group within our family of faith. Whether you're married or single, the parent of a toddler or a teenager, or not a parent at all—you are welcome! We are all Learning In God's House Together!

 iLIGHT will return Sunday, February 4, 2018!

Read more: iLIGHT

Good News and the Other News

Meets Every Sunday, AH-207 

newspaperCurrent events are discussed while reflecting upon the story from the perspective of faith.

Led by Christo Claassans, Jenny Danzis, and Jay Stough. AH-207


Meets Every Sunday, AH-120  

This class is a forum for men of DPC to gather for a time of study and fellowship where we can comfortably address the myriad of personal problems that men face and seldom openly discuss. Each session is presented by a Christian professional or Bible scholar.  Coordinated by Lou Zoppel.


The Word Among Us

Meets Every Sunday, AH-209 

NOTE:  October 15 - November 5, we will participate in the Generosity Study (see description above).  This class is an in-depth Bible study and discussion group that welcomes anyone who is interested in exploring Scripture. In September, our class will begin a study of 1 and 2 Corinthians, Galatians, and Ephesians.  These four letters from Paul deal with problems of divisions and debates within the church, problems with immoral behavior among some of the early Christians, and some theological questions arising from false teachers.  Paul not only deals with these difficult issues, but he also gives powerful guidance on Christian living that is just as useful today as it was when it was written. New members are always welcome!  Whether you are new or experienced in Bible study, we invite to join us and grow with us. 

Led by Dick Cornelius and Margaret Thoresen in AH-209

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