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Outreach Partners

DPC supports mission efforts locally, regionally, nationally, and worldwide that focus on basic human needs including food, water, shelter, education, and safety. This support has many facets, including the distribution of funds to numerous worthwhile organizations. As responsible stewards, the mission committee carefully investigates each organization that requests funding from DPC to assess that each organization is fiscally responsible and truly serves Christ and those in need.

In addition, our congregation is committed to participating in a variety of mission activities that impact those in need, both locally and around the world. A list of the organizations with which DPC currently partners can be found below.


Aid for Friends

Philadelphia Area

affAbout the Organization: Aid for Friends serves elderly shut-ins with free daily home-cooked meals, which volunteer visitors deliver weekly. This valuable program allows these individuals to remain in their homes by providing food, friendship, emergency aid, and advocacy.

DPC Engagement: DPC volunteers meet on the third Tuesday of each month and on special occasions to pack over 250 meals for this valuable program. For more information on how to get help, please visit the "Serve Locally" page in the mission section of the church website. To access the Aid For Friends recipe book, please click here.


Americans for Native Americans

Southwest United States

anaAbout the Organization: Americans for Native Americans works to improve the quality of life of Native Americans by providing essential goods and programs that foster self-reliance and mutual understanding. With many lacking basic necessities, the living conditions on Native American reservations can be shocking to those not familiar with reservation life. Native Americans deal with frightening statistics every day, struggling with rampant poverty, homelessness, sub-standard housing without water, heat, or electricity, extremely high unemployment, and very low graduation rates. Visit the ANA website

DPC Engagement: Our congregation has supported the work of this organization in a number of ways, including the Zuni Eyeglass program, the backpack food program through the Community Pantry, and the Children Clothing and Shoes program. In addition, the congregation provided funds to build the Hope Garden at the Pantry in 2012.


Bridging the Gap

Kenya, Africa

bridginggapAbout the Organization: Bridging the Gap is dedicated to saving lives and improving the quality of life for marginalized communities across sub-Saharan Africa by constructing pedestrian footbridges to overcome the dangers posed by impassable rivers and ravines that threaten their safety, limit their access to education and healthcare, and restrict economic opportunity.

DPC Engagement: For many years, DPC has supported the repair, maintenance, and upkeep of a pickup truck that has been the lifeline of the organization, allowing it to continue its important work. The cost of maintaining a vehicle in Kenya is very high due to poor roads and harsh conditions. The pick-up truck was originally purchased largely with funds that were contributed to Bridging the Gap by a group of Doylestown Presbyterian Church members who traveled to Kenya in 2007. DPC is currently helping to fund an engineer position, which allows the organization to build more bridges and serve more people.


Broad Street Ministry

Philadelphia, PA

About the Organizatibsm logoon: Broad Street Ministry is a broad-minded Christian community that cherishes creativity, fosters and nurtures artistic expression, extends inclusive hospitality, and works for a more just world through civic engagement.

DPC Engagement: Through the Bridging the Generations capital campaign, Doylestown Presbyterian Church funded the renovation of a new kitchen for the Broad Street Ministry, which helps them to feed those who are homeless and hungry every day. In addition, DPC has helped in expanding and sustaining BSM's worship service, new Youth Ministry Initiative, the Pastoral Immersion Program, and the Breaking Bread program. Many members of our congregation have traveled to BSM to worship and help volunteer to prepare and serve dinner.


Bucks County Housing Group

Doylestown, PA

bchglogoAbout the Organization: Bucks County Housing Group provides a wide range of housing and related social services to homeless and low-income families, with the goal of assisting families in attaining permanent housing and financial security.

DPC Engagement: Our congregation supports the Bucks County Housing Group's Doylestown shelter. Most recently, we have provided financial support to the food pantry and shelter, as well as helped to fund the repair of an outdoor staircase entrance to the apartment building. Members of our congregation regularly collect food and volunteer in the food pantry. Each year our congregation participates in the Giving Tree program at Christmastime and provides an apartment with bedding, cleaning supplies, and food once a year when a new family moves in.


Bucks County Opportunity Council

Bucks County, PA

bucks county opportunity councilAbout the Organization: Bucks County Opportunity Council strives to empower low-income individuals in Bucks County to achieve their goals for sustainable improvement in economic self-sufficiency by a personalized case management approach founded on education and partnership with the community.

DPC Engagement: DPC supports the organization's Economic Self-Sufficiency Program, which enables hard-working, motivated, low-income people to acquire the education, resources and employment necessary to achieve permanent economic self-sufficiency without future need for cash welfare. During the summer, volunteers from the congregation volunteer in BCOC's Hope of the Harvest Charitable Garden at Delaware Valley College, which provides fresh produce to local food pantries.


Care and Share Thrift Shoppes

Souderton, PA


About the Organization: A mission of the Mennonite Central Committee, the Care and Share Thrift Shop aims to improve the quality of life of people who are suffering from poverty, oppression, and natural disaster by creating a market for reusable items and expanding the market for original creations of Third World Craftspeople.

DPC Engagement: DPC members are invited to volunteer at the Care and Share Thrift Shop on the third Friday morning of each month. For more information on how to get involved, please visit our "serve locally" page.




cepadAbout the Organization: CEPAD (Council of Protestant Churches of Nicaragua) is Christian organization in Nicaragua that addresses the problems of hunger, empowers community leaders to be leaders for human rights and community development, and promotes education.

DPC Engagement: Through the Bridging the Generations Capital Campaign, DPC funded a "patio project," which supported Nicaraguan women in creating small backyard gardens and farms around their homes to provide their families with quality food and a source of income. Each woman in the project received a package of seeds, plants, animals, and equipment worth $450. The project participants are asked to "pay back" the value of the animals by passing along some of the offspring of the animals to others. Each woman on the project is trained and educated on how to manage and develop his or her own patio project. DPC currently sponsors two missionaries who works directly with CEPAD.


Christian Legal Clinics of Philadelphia

Philadelphia, PA

christian legal clinicsAbout the Organization: Striving to do justice work among the poor, Christian Legal Clinics of Philadelphia provides legal services to low-income clients in the name of Christ.

DPC Engagement: DPC contributes financially to Christian Legal Clinics of Philadelphia so that they are better able to fulfill their mission in the community.


Code Blue

Bucks County, PA

csshAbout the Organization: Code Blue, or the Coalition to Shelter and Support the Homeless, provides emergency shelter to homeless individuals in Bucks County on very cold nights.

DPC Engagement: Doylestown Presbyterian Church serves as a host site for Code Blue one month a year, as well as provides financial support to the organization. In 2014, the shelter was open 75 different nights and 2 days, and 40 guests came throughout the winter. All members of the congregation are encouraged to volunteer to assist with the shelter in nights it is in operation or help prepare meals for guests in advance. More information on how to volunteer is available on the "Serve Locally" page in the mission section of the church website in the fall and winter months.


Community Pantry

Gallup, New Mexico

communitypantryAbout the Organization: Serving more than 2,300 households each month, the Community Pantry strives to nourish the families in its surrounding area of Gallup, NM by acquiring, storing, and distributing wholesome food to children, the elderly, and families in need.

DPC Engagement: DPC has been actively supporting the Community Pantry in a variety of ways for many years. Since 2006, our congregation has provided general financial support for the pantry's programs, including the backpack food program, which ensures that school-age children will have food over each weekend. DPC provided the resources for a cistern in 2011 to help nourish the Community Pantry's Hope Garden, which supplements the food given to families in need by providing fresh produce while also educating the public about health sustenance and enhancement. Through the Forward Together capital campaign, we provided the funding for the completion of the Hope Garden, which included the construction of two additional hoop houses for vegetables and a berm to provide wind protection from winds that at times can reach 50 mph.  It also allowed for the purchase of fruit-producing trees, shrubs, and grasses, fill dirt and topsoil for areas inside the berm and hoop houses, irrigation equipment, Bobcat time, and project management for nine months to make the effort a reality. DPC members have been visiting the Community Pantry on an annual mission trip since 2010.


Discovery Service Projects

United States and Central America

About the Organization: Discovery Service Projects (DSP) is a faith-led organization whose volunteers travel to developing countries and areas in the United States afflicted by natural disasters to help build and repair churches, clinics, community buildings, school, and homes.

DPC Engagement: DPC helps to support projects in areas that have suffered from a natural disaster, and our members have gone on a handful of trips in the past several years. In early 2014, a group from our congregation traveled to Costa Rica with Discovery Service Projects to volunteer with Rice and Beans Ministry, a group that provides prayerful support and food to families living in poverty. Most recently, several members traveled to Honduras to help build an orphanage.


Doylestown Area FISH

Doylestown, PA

fishAbout the Organization: FISH provides emergency assistance with food, heating oil, shelter, clothing, and transportation to those most in need in Bucks County.

DPC Engagement: DPC contributes financially to FISH, helping the organization provide important assistance to those facing crisis situations.


Habitat for Humanity of Bucks County

Bucks County, PA

habitatAbout the Organization: Habitat for Humanity of Bucks County is an ecumenical Christian housing ministry who strives to eliminate poverty housing and homelessness by working in partnerships with God's people in need throughout Bucks County.

DPC Engagement: DPC supports Habitat's "House Built on Faith" project, an initiative that brings faith communitites in Bucks County together to help build homes for low-income families and individuals.


Hunting Park Christian Academy

Philadelphia, PA

huntingparkAbout the Organization: Hunting Park Christian Academy provides affordable, quality Christian education to children living in inner city Philadelphia that celebrates a diverse community and leads children to know and serve the Lord. In the community that this school serves, there is a 53% high school dropout rate, with 45% of the families living at or below the federal poverty level. Tuition is $2,000 a year, and it is not unusual for children who attend one year to become unable to continue due to family finances.

DPC Engagement: In addition to general support for the Hunting Park Christian Academy, Doylestown Presbyterian has committed to providing scholarships for four students to attend the school for ten years each from Pre-Kindergarten through eighth grade as part of the Forward Together capital campaign, thus preparing them for success in high school and beyond.


Life Abundant

Bucks County, PA

lifeabundantAbout the Organization: Life Abundant assists inmates, ex-offenders, and their families, helping them to develop Christian principles in their social, economic, and spiritual lives and become productive members of society.

DPC Engagement: DPC supports Life Abundant's one-on-one mentorship program, which is vital to client's success in the world and helps them to gain a true understanding of how their faith plays a role in their day to day lives.


Meals on Wheels of Central Bucks County

meals on wheels central bucks

Doylestown, PA

About the Organization: Meals on Wheels provides homebound individuals in Central and Upper Bucks with meals in their homes regardless of their ability to pay. In many cases, this allows people to remain in their homes and out of assisted living situations.

DPC Engagement: DPC provides funding to support Meals on Wheels' general operations. They rely on local donations for all of their services and a core of 250 volunteers.


New Britain Food Larder

cans of food

Doylestown, PA

About the Organization: The designated food distribution site of the Bucks County Opportunity Council, the New Britain Food Larder provides food for individuals and families in need in Central Bucks County.

DPC Engagement: DPC accepts donations of food, cleaning supplies, and personal products each week in the entrance to Andrews Hall. For more information on how to get help, please visit the "Serve Locally" page in the mission section of the church website.


Presbyterian Education Board

Lahore, Pakistan

pebAbout the Organization: The Presbyterian Education Board (PEB) provides the human and financial resources necessary for educating children in Pakistan in mind, body, and spirit in an environment that values self-discipline, integrity, tolerance, respect for others, fairness, and justice. While the organization is rooted in Christian tradition, students of all religious backgrounds are welcomed and valued.

DPC Engagement: DPC provides scholarships for eight Pakistani girls to attend a Christian high school run by the Presbyterian Education Board. In addition, the Presbyterian Women and VBS have done projects in support of this great organization.


Rolling Harvest Food Rescue

Bucks County, PA

rolling harvest

About the Organization: Rolling Harvest Food Rescue collects donated produce from local farms and markets and distributes it immediately to non-profit hunger-relief agencies like food pantries, domestic violence shelters, senior centers, and homeless shelters, all of which help the most needy families in the community.

DPC Engagement: DPC supports Rolling Harvest's general programs and plans to send groups to volunteer to help glean produce later this year.


The Village (Presbyterian Children's Village)

Philadelphia, PA

thevillageAbout the Organization: TheVillage promotes the healing of the spirits of children, families, and communities broken by violence, addiction, poverty, mental illness, racism, and other serious societal problems.

DPC Engagement: DPC supports the chaplaincy at TheVillage. The chaplain provides pastoral care to the young people with whom the organization works, as well as serves as an integral part of the clinical therapeutic team in the treatment of teens with severe trauma symptoms.


VITA Education Services

Doylestown, PA

vitaAbout the Organization: VITA provides educational programs to families, adults, and at-risk youth in Bucks County to help these individuals gain skills that enhance their ability to deal with real-life situations, meet personal goals, and become more self-determining and self-sufficient. Highlights of their work include programs for literacy, ESL, and GED preparation, and decision-making.

DPC Engagement: DPC supports VITA's work in literacy, ESL, and GED preparation. In the past, DPC has donated the use of classroom space in Andrews Hall for GED tutoring.


Woman's Place

Doylestown, PA

womansplaceAbout the Organization: A Woman's Place is a community-based social change organization in Bucks County committed to the empowerment of women and ending intimate and domestic violence. In addition to offering direct victim services, A Woman's Place offers prevention education programs and advocacy.

DPC Engagement: For several years, our church has supported the Peace Works Camp, a summer program for elementary aged children to nurture the concepts of personal power and worth and to help students learn to identify and form healthy, violence-free relationships by focusing on how and when to seek assistance with problem. In 2011, DPC funded the development of a teen line, which gives young people a more accessible way to ask for help and seek information about domestic violence.


Wrapping Presence

Doylestown, PA

Wrapping Presence Logo

About the Organization: This outreach program visits nursing homes and lets residents "shop" for gifts to offer to loved ones during the Christmas season. DPC's Marne Dietterich watched her parents spend their last – often frustrating – Christmas seasons in a nursing home, their desire to get in on the gift-giving stymied by immobility and illness. She now devotes her energies to remedying that predicament for other nursing home residents. Each Christmas, Marne and over 100 volunteers visit nursing homes, turning them into festive shops. All merchandise is new and has been donated, so the gifts are free to nursing home residents. Volunteers help with selection and wrapping.

DPC Engagement: Church and community members meet at Doylestown Presbyterian Church throughout the year to create and wrap gifts in preparation for the Christmas season. For more information on how to get help, please visit the "Get Involved" page in the mission section of the church website.

Click here to view their 2015 video.


Youth Mission Trips


DPC Engagement: Our congregation supports a youth mission trip each year for students in grades 10-12. The youth study and address various needs, including working in soup kitchens, shelters and food banks; rehabilitating houses and churches; and working directly with the community.